Below you will find several copywriting examples from previous clients, to help you assess my writing style and type of projects I can provide for your business.

Brochure / Post Card Copywriting Examples

Linda Chevrier, a financial adviser and educator, wanted to have a “leave-behind” item for the training events she conducts. She hired me to create the following post card.  Here’s what she says about me, “Working with Elizabeth is fantastic. Elizabeth has helped me put together a strategic marketing plan that will give my prospects a clear picture of my services. She has written copy edited my website, and created content for my landing pages. I highly recommend Elizabeth Marks for all of your marketing needs.”

Financial Adviser Post Card

Brittany Trama was looking to create a digital brochure to help her potential clients get a feel for who she is and how she helps her clients. She hired me to create the digital brochure you see below.

digital brochure copywriting

Brittany Trama Digital Brochure sample

See Brittany’s entire Digital Brochure here.

SILHO-Light was launching a new product line and needed a brochure for a trade show they were presenting at. The following is a portion of that brochure.

Brochure Copywriting Example

SILHO-Light Brochure

Blog / Article Copywriting Examples

ISixSigma Magazine approached me to write an article for their magazine, when I was Toshiba’s Six Sigma Master Black Belt. I wrote the following article for them.

Krystn Meier, is a High Risk Life Insurance Broker, who needed long form content for her website. She hired he for several rounds of blog posts to improve her content strategy. Here’s what she says about me, “Elizabeth is a very detail-oriented worker who never loses sight of her goals and works very diligently to accomplish her tasks. She is very organized and meets all deadlines. She provides great feedback and guidance in writing for my tasks and projects given to her. She is a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend her.”

Blog Copywriting example

High Risk Life Insurance Blog

See entire High Risk Life Insurance Blog here

Blog Copywriting Example

Protect Your Family Blog

Read entire Protect Your Family Life Insurance Blog here

Dan Stone of Mortgage Fee Coach needed a piece of content for his blog. He provided an industry report, which I summarized into the blog post you see here.

Blog copywriting example

Mortgage Fee Coach Blog

Read the whole Mortgage Fee Coach Blog here 

IES Communications hired me through a video production company to write the following blog post.

blog copywriting example

IES Communications blog

See entire IES Communications Blog here

Case Study Copywriting Examples

Cyber Optics wanted to communicate a success story of one of their customers. They hired me to write this case study to highlight how their product solved the problem for the client. This is what Carla Furanna says, “Elizabeth is a trusted adviser and professional. I enjoyed her thorough review and follow up. She delivered projects on-time and within budget every time.”

Case study copywriting example

Cyber Optics Case Study

See entire Case Study Sample here

Email Copywriting Examples

Dan Stone of Mortgage Fee Coach need some help revising his emails. He hired me to revamp his emails to speak to his audience and make it more compelling. This is what Dan says, “She’s great. I write technical emails, but she organizes the information in a great format and presentation, so my prospects and clients want to read it and comment on it. She also creates great subject lines, so prospects click on it. And, she is great at marketing concepts.” 

email copywriting

Mortgage Fee Coach Email

email copywriting example

email copywriting example

Event Recaps Copywriting Examples

Event Caps are my observations of industry events I attend. Most attendees of the event love to read the recaps to help them remember what they learned from the event. Most sponsors of the events enjoy the additional exposure my postings provide them. Have an event coming up? Hire me to document it for you and extend the marketing life of your event beyond the event date. This is what Dan Williams, VP of Communications says, “Thank you very much. We appreciate your recaps and believe they are an important part of our communication strategy of increasing membership and driving attendance.”

AMA-OC “Customer Journey Mapping” Recap October 04, 2018

AMA-OC “Marketing Tech Summit” Recap September, 15, 2018

ENP “Cyber Security” Recap September 6, 2018

AMA-OC “Personal Presence” Recap August 09, 2018

AMA-OC “Strategies for Epic Products and Brands” Recap August 09, 2018

AMA-OC “SEO Best Practices” Recap June 12, 2018

AMA-OC “Amplify Your Brand with Social Media” Recap May 10, 2018

AMA-OC “Create a Magnetic 30-second Commercial” Recap May 10, 2018

AMA-OC “Manufacturers Meet Marketing” Recap April 12, 2018

AMA-OC “Designing Product You” Recap April 12, 2018

AMA-OC “The Launch Game” Event Recap March 15, 2018

The 5 Things Best-In-Class Marketers Do Better than Others

Recap of “Buckle-Up for a Digital Marketing Transformation Ride” event

Thriving in a Freelance Economy

Traffic Light Eating

How to Make an Impresison

Analytics in the Cloud July 21, 2017

Effective Marketing Crossing the Streams

Landing Page Copywriting Examples

The next two landing pages are my own landing pages for two special reports I offer on my website.

Landing Page Copywriting Example

12 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Landing Page

See the whole 12 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement Landing Page here

Landing Page copywriting example

5 Ways to Recover Last Revenue Landing Page

See the whole 5 Ways to Restore Lost Revenue from Your Website Landing Page here

Web Page Copywriting Examples

ATTOM Data Solutions was looking to refresh their web site by adding several product pages, blog posts, and other pages. I was hired to write these pages:

Compunet Technologies was looking to revise their services web pages to better speak to their audience. I was hired to rewrite five of the services pages you see below.

CompuNet Technologies Managed Services page

CompuNet Technologies Backup & Business Continuity page 

CompuNet Technologies On-Site Support Page

Compunet Technologies VOIP Phone Services Page 

 Compunet Technologies Cyber Security and Training page 

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