About Me

Who is Elizabeth Marks?

I’m passionate about helping women entrepreneurs reinvent themselves through online businesses. I help women scale their business through marketing strategies, content marketing, product launch direct response & SEO copywriting, sales funnels for lead generation, lead nurturing email marketing services,  and more.  And I’m  a Christian who strives to provide excellence in all I do.

Why am I the most logical fit for this work?

I worked 30 years in Corporate America and I was downsized, as so many of us were. I have experience in sales, marketing, Six Sigma, and direct response copywriting. This makes me a valuable asset to any women-owned business looking to grow their revenue through product launches and sales funnels.

What’s my process?

It all starts with an initial conversation to see if we’re a good fit for each other. I’ll ask you several questions about your business to be sure I can help you. Then you can ask me a few questions. Read more about my detailed freelance copywriter process here.

Who are my ideal clients?

First, women who’ve worked in corporate America and have been laid off or downsized, looking to reinvent themselves through an online business, and are looking for help to scale their business.

Second, already established women entrepreneurs, who need help moving their business to the next level of revenue generation possible for them.