About Me

Who is Elizabeth Marks?

I’m passionate about helping businesses grow. Offering B2B content marketing through direct response & SEO copywriting, lead generation, lead nurturing, email marketing services, and more.  And I’m  a Christian who strives to provide excellence in all I do.

Why am I the most logical fit for this work?

First, my 20+ years of business experience is a key factor. I have experience in sales, marketing, and Six Sigma. This makes me a valuable asset to any business looking to grow their revenue. B2B lead generation and lead nurturing marketing strategies and Return on Marketing Investment are key specialties of mine.

Second, everyone tells me I communicate technical concepts in easy to understand ways. This makes me an ideal copywriter for companies who offer a complex product or Software as a Service (SaaS) that requires a little more explanation.

What’s my process?

It all starts with an initial conversation to see if we’re a good fit for each other. I’ll ask you several questions about your business. I’m sure you’ll have a few questions for me. Read more about my detailed freelance copywriter process here.

Who are my ideal clients?

First, marketing directors from medium size software companies who sell CRM, sales automation, business intelligence, or other software tools to businesses.

Second, I also work with marketing directors in Christian companies who need help generating leads and/or nurturing current prospects into loyal, repeat customers.